Technology in Events

05/10/2015 17:37

Service automation - the technology giving support and agility to the services, providing good results. Below are some equipment that provides support and good organization to your event:

Credential confirmation with barcode reader.


The result of the real-time voting can be demonstrated on the screen ahead of the public


Digital roulette with multi data reader, making access safe and faster.

Totens), for sale with virtual Ticket, avoid turmoil and streamline sales management.




Entertainment - attractions that give pleasure and satisfaction to the public:

Pyrotechnic show

Video in Scenery


Event registration with aerial or solo image

Display in LED, allows the image of great quality.

Recording in Blu-Ray format enables high quality picture and sound

LED lighting, artistic for stage and decoration of other environment, allows greater visual impact and low energy consumption.

Line Array, high-quality sound system, technology that enables technical efficiency and assembly and disassembly logistics for small, medium and large events.