• ·         In the event that we organize, we assume civil responsibility over the Administrative, Financial (including Legal and Accounting) and Executive Production.
  • ·         Use of spaces for interaction and exposure of the stakeholders' brands, will be negotiable and must be formalized in a contract.

To publicly expose the brand, there may be charges and / or costs (service fees, taxes, creation of the communication and advertising pieces and / or support equipment to be placed in the event area). In the broadcasting of an event with communication in radio and / or television media, we include in the initial project only the respective communication regarding the name of the event and if other brands are included, the owners will be responsible and must pay such expenses.



When necessary, the sponsorship can be divided into quotas (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze) or another form that best serves the stakeholders involved.

When we organize and manage the financial production, at the end of every event, we present the accounts related to the financial movement, to the sponsors.


Possibility of advertising or publicity, along with the dissemination of respective events and marketing actions during their production, as well as the institutional signature and the visual identity of stakeholders may be present, broadening the image of the respective brand of the participant, being so the counterpart to sponsorship, partnership or support.




IMPRESSAS - The main means of communication are: newspapers, magazines, posters, informational or in separate pieces such as flyers, folders, booklets, direct mail and billboards.

DIGITAL - broadcasted over the internet through computer networks, the main ones are: Windows Media Audio (WMA), Windows Media Video (WMV), MP3, JPEG and AVI.

ELECTRONICS - broadcast in real time, via radio, television, telephone or personal computer.


  • Backdrop (panel, positioned on the background) of interviews;
  • Bandeirola - Type banners suspended in the environment of the event, with advertisement insertion;
  • ·         Banner highlighting the event's brand and also the stakeholders, in areas lit with the circulation of the public, in the event;
  • Promotional gifts to be distributed to the public
  • ·         Promotional shirts with exclusive advertisement from the sponsor of the same;
  • ·         Badge cord, with sponsor's name;
  • Display exposed in the environment of the event, with advertising insertion of respective sponsoring brands;
  • ·         Distribution of free samples, offer of products from sponsors, in respective events;
  • ·        Distribution of institutional or promotional material to the public at events;
  • ·        Dissemination, by press advisory team, with sponsor's citation in press releases, information of the event, to be published in the press;
  • ·         Official website, of respective events, with advertising space to the collaborating partners;
  • ·         Booth in event, for exhibition and / or sale of products and / or services;
  • ·         Space to speak directly to the public of respective events;
  • ·        Hotsite (microsite, page inserted in the official site of the respective event, with announcement of the sponsor thereof);
  • ·         Promotional inflatable, exhibited at respective events;
  • ·        Insertion of respective sponsoring brands, on stage (stage dress, background, skirt and etc.) of respective events;
  • ·         Advertising poster in booth, of respective exhibitors;
  • ·        Logo of the sponsor and site link of the same, being inserted in the site of the respective event;
  • ·         Logo included in the STAFF uniforms of the respective event support;
  • ·         Mention of the brand of sponsors, in opening of respective events;
  • ·         Naming rights (give more prominence to the respective sponsor, since its brand, becomes the name of the respective event);
  • ·         Narration with the advertisement of sponsor, by the official announcer of the respective event;
  • ·         Newsletter (periodic information of the respective event, through e-mails, and the logo of the sponsor of the same may be inserted);
  • ·         Mailings used to advertise the respective event, including the sponsor advertising;
  • ·         Panfletch, with publicity of the sponsor, in the entrance or exit of the respective event;
  • ·         Advertising of the sponsor of respective events, with digital banner, in social networks (Facebook and / or Twitter);
  • ·         Projection of sponsor's propaganda, in attached screens, to the stage of concerts, in the respective events;
  • ·         Spots or radio jingle, with space for sponsor mention;
  • ·         Registration video of the event, with insertion of respective sponsoring brands, for promotional purposes;
  • ·       Institutional or commercial video of the sponsor, exhibited in the production or official website of the respective events;
  • ·         Promotional videos of the respective event, with advertising space from the sponsor of the event, to be presented on YouTube, and / or on an official event website;
  • ·         Vignettes, jingle with advertising, the of sponsor, at the opening and closing of respective events.