Based on an idealization, the organization of an event depends directly or indirectly on various activities and people to plan, organize, coordinate, supervise and execute the logistics and operationalization in the production of respective events, if it requires knowledge in the respective functions inherent to the administrative, financial and executive production, so training and professionalism are essences to a successful organization, whether small, medium or large.


The organizer needs to have the first contact with the designer and / or client and to know all possible details about his Idea and desires, such information is necessary for the elaboration of the project, definition of which services, products and professionals, will be necessary for the structuring and the accomplishment of the event. Therefore, we ask you to complete the form (ANNEX I, II and III) below, or if you prefer to schedule a meeting to clarify your doubts and we can fill out the form with you.

Contacts for scheduling: Email, +55 (21) / 3942-2070, 3942-1822 ou 9 9987-6323.

After completing the form below, we will be able to register you in our event incubator, and with your authorization, we will make the presentation of your idea with initial planning of the your event.

*¹ If there are exchanges, support with service and / or product, for production, the respective values ​​of it, should be mentioned in a budget project.

*² It should contain a copy of the financial statements and the Spreadsheet with extract, mentioning respectively: references to services and / or products, bank account of the project, amounts credited by paying sources and amounts withdrawn in the same account, with the date of entry and exit of the values.