The Orbit Events forms partnerships with public and / or private institutions, elaborates and manages projects, plans and organizes all services in Corporate, Scientific, Social, Cultural and Sports events.


From an idealization, an event depends, directly or indirectly, on various people and activities when planning, organizing, coordinating, supervising, and performing; the professional must have knowledge in the respective functions inherent to the administrative, financial and executive production. Constant training and professionalism are required to organize and succeed in small, medium or large events.


The event briefing should be elaborated according to the needs of the client, thus enabling the elaboration of projects and the generation of action guidelines for the professionals who work in the production and execution of the event.

With globalization, the event market is becoming more demanding. We differentiate ourselves from competitors, providing greater benefits to our customers, with innovative solutions and maintaining the quality standard that guarantees the success of the events organized by our team, our professionals are constantly improving, so we add value to the event we organize.

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