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Serra da Bocaina - BR

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December - 16th, 17th and 18th

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A program dedicated to well-being and nature.

Walking through the woods, bathing in a waterfall, meeting new people, napping in a hammock listening to birdsong and discovering the secret of life, in the simplicity and harmony of nature...

Feeling the chill of the night, breathing fresh air perfumed by wild flowers and waiting for sleep feeling the warmth of the fireplace... 

Savor country food from a wood-burning stove, full of organic food straight from the garden to your table...

In Serra da Bocaina, life has a slower pace, there is time to do everything, to think about life, about new plans for tomorrow; or just rest and recharge your body and mind with the always positive and harmonious energy of nature.

This is an opportunity to take some time for yourself, take a dip in the waterfall, sleep well, eat even better, have fun outdoors and make new friends.

Órbita Eventos: Price list

Payment through Órbita Eventos - Payment with total value, at the time of booking - with tax receipt there is an increase of 6% (tax). Contact us via WhatsApp: +55 21 3942-2070 and request a discount coupon or other payment method. we form groups with leaving Rio de Janeiro, ask for more information.


Double room with private bathroom - Price per couple: 

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Quadruple room with 2 masonry bunk beds and private bathroom - Price per person:

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R$ 997,00


Double/triple rooms with shared bathrooms - Price per person:

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R$ 909,00


Camping (bring tent, thermal insulation, sleeping bag and other equipment) - Price per person:

Before paying, go to the top of the page and pre-book.


R$ 751,00

When purchasing your travel package with Órbita Eventos, you get up to 5% discount on the values*¹ practiced at the "counter" of the respective partner establishment, among other advantages with membership in the "Orbita loyalty customer" scoring system Events". If the value informed here is different from that informed on our partner's website, adjustments will be made.

*¹after adding to your reservation, the services you choose on the "Órbita Eventos" website, we will check with our partners, the availability date and confirmation of the values ​​and we will get back to you, to inform you if there is any adjustment to be made. If any adjustment is necessary, it can be made until the time of checkout.

ATTENTION: After making the purchase online, the customer will receive a voucher, Órbita Eventos will pass on to the customer all the information about the respective partner(s), enabling him to receive his purchase at the tourist destination, directly from the hands of the Órbita Eventos partner.

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+55 (21) 3942-2070 WhatsApp (commercial)

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Atendimento: Seg. a Sex. das 9h às 18h

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