Privacy Policy

Uso de imagem

O cliente, ao contratar serviço(s) e/ou participar de eventos organizados pela Órbita Eventos, autoriza que sua imagem seja filmada e/ou fotografada e utilizada exclusivamente para fins publicitários dos serviços e/ou eventos, sendo divulgada no site internet, sem limitação do número de inserções e reproduções, seja no site da Órbita Eventos e nas redes sociais, bem como divulgadas em campanhas publicitárias no Google, Facebook, Youtube e Instagram. 

Processamento de dados 

The Órbita Eventos online store, selling items (services and/or products) on the website, under the responsibility of Órbita Eventos registered with CNPJ under number 12.368.780/0001-06 with head office in Rio de Janeiro, processes personal data provided by the Customer in order to comply with and additionally confirm the Terms and Conditions, to process electronic orders and/or shipments or delivery of items sold, and for necessary communication during the period required by law.

General provisions

1. The person responsible for processing personal data, in accordance with the GDPR - (hereinafter referred to as "Regulation"), is Órbita Organizing Events and Marketing LTDA, a company registered with the CNPJ under nº 12.368.780/0001-06, with headquarters in Rua Baronesa, Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, hereinafter referred to as Responsible, the managing partner Renato Dias de Oliveira;

2. The contact details of the Person Responsible are as follows: e-mail:, tel.: +55 21 3942-2070;

3. Personal data is any information that is related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Origin of personal data

1. The Person Responsible processes the personal data received with the Customer's consent and collected through the purchase contract and electronic order completed in the Órbita Eventos e-shop;

2. The Person Responsible only processes the Customer's contact data and identifiable data that are necessary for the fulfillment of the purchase contract;

3. The Responsible person processes personal data for the purpose of delivering the product and/or service and accounting and for the necessary communication between the contracting parties during the period required by law. Personal data will not be disclosed or transferred to other countries.

Purpose of data processing

The Controller processes the Customer's personal data for the following purposes:

1. For registration on the website in accordance with Article 4, section 2 of the GDPR;

2. For the fulfillment of the electronic order created by the Customer (name, address, e-mail, telephone number);

3. To observe the law and regulations resulting from the contractual relationship between the Client and the Responsible;

4. Personal data is necessary for the fulfillment of the purchase contract. The contract cannot be fulfilled without personal data.

Duration of data storage

1. The Person Responsible stores personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the rights and obligations resulting from the contractual relationship between the Client and the Person Responsible and for a period of 3 years after the conclusion of the contractual relationship;

2. The Person Responsible is obliged to erase the personal data, once the period required for the storage of the personal data has expired.

Data recipients and processors

The third parties that process the Customer's personal data are subcontractors of the Controller. The services of subcontractors are indispensable for the successful fulfillment of the contract for the purchase and processing of the electronic order between the Responsible and the Customer.

Responsible subcontractors are:

  • Webnode AG (e-shop provider);
  • Google Analytics (website analytics provider);
  • Órbita Eventos partners, providers of tourism support services, duly authorized by the Ministry of Tourism;

Customer Rights

In accordance with the Regulation, the Customer has the right to:

1. have access to personal data;

2. rectify your personal data;

3. request deletion of personal data;

4. object to the processing of personal data;

5. data portability;

6. revoke consent to the processing of personal data in writing or by email at:;

7. file a complaint with a supervisory authority in the event of a suspected violation of the Regulations.

Security of personal data

1. The responsable declares to take all technical and organizational precautions necessary for the protection of personal data;

2. The responsable has taken technical precautions to ensure secure data storage, in particular by password protecting access to the computer, using anti-virus software and performing regular computer.

Final dispositions

1. By sending an electronic request to the website, the Client confirms that he is informed about all the conditions of protection of personal data and accepts them in full;

2. Customer accepts the rules by checking the checkbox on the purchase order form;

3. The Responsible has the right to update these rules at any time. The updated version must be published on the Responsible Party's website.

These rules come into effect on October 15, 2022.